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Conflict and compromise at the conference

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At the final conference of the project, in Sonthofen, Germany in May, researchers invited the international (Alpine-wide) community for a discussion on the theme of balancing nature and energy in the Alps. The discussion quickly turned to an ongoing debate in the area – a proposed hydropower plant to be built near the nearby […]

Call of the wild? What are we trying to achieve with European nature conservation?

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Most of the remaining areas in Europe that are considered to have "high wilderness quality" are located at high elevations.  (Source: European Environment Agency

In the European Union nature conservation is framed by a set of legislative and other policy tools that prescribe various measures for the preservation of protected animal and plant species and their habitats. Recently the European Commission summarized its conservation goals in the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, which, given that about a quarter of […]

Review on renewable energies and ecosystem service impacts

Are hydropower plants impacting natural hazard protection? How far windmills impact bird and bats populations? Does the use of forest biomass impact the recreational value of forests? Do ground mounted photovoltaic installations seal soil surfaces? A scientific literature review adresses these and many other questions on ecosystem service impacts of renewable energy sources. This review was rechently […]

Dialogue with regional stakeholders in Triglav National Park pilot area

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In Triglav National Park pilot area some project activities like stakeholders questionnaires analysis, assessment of available forest biomass, assessment of local biomass demands at local level, surveys on biodiversity and soil structure and modelling of the future scenarios for biomass use have been finished. The results were presented and discussed during three workshops for stakeholders in March […]

What’s the scenario?

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This image shows a mock-up the Decision Support Tool, which will be the outcome of IIASA’s work on the project.  The menu on the left allows the used to select scenarios or desired output dimensions (power, emissions, costs).

The project is coming to a close, and with that, IIASA researchers are now working to put together all the pieces they have been modeling over the past two years. What comes out of the model in the end will be a set of around 150 scenarios, which – in their combinations – show […]