Put a number on it?

Sometimes it’s easy to put numbers on things. IIASA researchers can use their models to estimate biomass production rates, determine the energy potential of an area of forest, and determine the optimal location for renewable energy plants based on a multitude of factors. But some things are harder to quantify. How do you put a […]

About Katherine Leitzell

Katherine Leitzell is a science writer at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), in Laxenburg Austria. IIASA researchers are working on the economic-ecological modelling for the recharge.green project.

Biomass energy from wood and protected areas

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Alps together with a network of protected areas represent an unique form of natural and cultural heritage and one of the remaining preserved parts of Europe. Woody biomass is one of the possible sources for the commercial production of energy in the Alps. The economically-oriented forest management practices, too often even in protected areas, emphasize […]