Biomass energy from wood and protected areas

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Forest in the Triglav National Park ©  Peter Habereder  /

Forest in the Triglav National Park © Peter Habereder /

Alps together with a network of protected areas represent an unique form of natural and cultural heritage and one of the remaining preserved parts of Europe. Woody biomass is one of the possible sources for the commercial production of energy in the Alps. The economically-oriented forest management practices, too often even in protected areas, emphasize the productive functions of forests. The consequences are reflected in the conservation of forest ecosystems and biodiversity. We are facing with the fundamental question how nature conservation objectives in protected areas can be reached with increasing demands for using biomass as energy source. Is it even possible to find the answer on how to balance biodiversity preservation, green energy production and to ensure development in Alpine protected areas? Is commercial production of energy from renewable sources acceptable in protected areas?

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