Dialogue with regional stakeholders in Triglav National Park pilot area

In Triglav National Park pilot area some project activities like stakeholders questionnaires analysis, assessment of available forest biomass, assessment of local biomass demands at local level, surveys on biodiversity and soil structure and modelling of the future scenarios for biomass use have been finished. The results were presented and discussed during three workshops for stakeholders in March and April 2015.

The first was organized by Triglav National Park on 30th of March 2015 at Bled. The cloud web GIS was presented to the Triglav National Park rangers and professional employees. Web GIS-DSS was developed by Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and external experts, later adopted by TNP. The system allows to view the project results on-line. It gives an opportunity to asses trade-off between forest biomass use and biodiversity, which is useful for planing further activities in TNP.       

Archive TNP

Archive: TNP

The second workshop was organized on April 1st 2015 by Slovenian Forest Service and Department for forestry and renewable forest resources (UL) in the heart of Pokljuka region. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the challenges of providing multiple ecosystem services on Pokljuka plato (Triglav National Park) including provision of wood, biomass for energy, nature conservation, protection of soil and water, and recreation and other cultural services. 31 stakeholders came from Triglav National Park, Forest Service (regional office Bled), Department of Forestry of Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana), various local touristic and sport organizations, representatives of forest owners and harvesting organizations, grazing communities and individuals.

Archive: ZGS/UL

Archive: ZGS/UL

The third workshop was organized for forestry practitioners – forest planners in the Pokljuka region (Triglav National Park). The aim of the workshop was to present the main results of the reacharge.green project, discuss the effectiveness of current tools in multi-objective forest management to provide multiple forest ecosystem services and propose solutions for their improvement. 65 stakeholders came from Forest Service units from different parts of Slovenia, Department of Forestry of Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana), Slovenian Forestry Institute, Triglav National Park and others. The workshop was divided into general part that included presentations and the participatory part where participants collaborated in groups on selected topics. The results of the workshop will be important for preparing proposal of improved tools for multi-objective forest management. The workshop was organized by Slovenian Forest Service and Department for forestry and renewable forest resources (UL).



Reported by: Alenka Petrinjak and Tina Simončič


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