First conference participation

We presented the firsts results of the project in an international scientific conference, held in Kaunas (Lithuania), on the 29th – 30th May. The conference was entitled “Economic evaluation of forest management sustainability” and the presentation showed the preliminary results of the Triglav National Park case study.
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The park was chosen for its objective of analyzing forest biomass use, particularly suitable for the topic of the conference. More precisely, we focused on the economic approach to the ecosystem services, which has been chosen for the pilot areas, for including the environmental consideration in the decision support system. The cited approach consists in a spatial analysis of the ecosystem services, valued from an economic point of view through a series of environmental evaluation techniques. The approach goes further, assessing the hypothetical impacts, in terms of economic loss of benefit, occurring to the ecosystem services due to energy production. The joint reading of the economic values and the assessed impact of the biomass energy on the environment gives a first insight, on what are the most suitable areas for producing energy, without affecting in a negative way the total value of the ecosystem. The attempt of bridging economic analyses and landscape planning is a quite new approach, so the conference was an opportunity for obtaining a feedback from the scientific community about this important issue. Environmental economists often don´t consider the spatial component during the evaluation of nature, mainly because this economic evaluation is not always applied to the land planning. In the case of, the spatial analysis is crucial for an effective energy siting, so it is fundamental to fill the gaps between this and other disciplines, in order to include as much consideration as possible in the decision-making process.

About Gianluca Grilli

Gianluca Grilli has an Ms in environmental economics. He is a PhD student in environmental engineering at the University of Trento, Italy. He works as a researcher at the Institute of Renewable Energy at Eurac. His main research interests are ecosystem services evaluation and management, GIS modeling and applied econometrics.

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