Literature review on Renewable Energies and Ecosystem Service impacts

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  • Which species are particularly sensible to the use of forest biomass in the Alps?
  • How does the use full tree harvesting impact the productivity of alpine soils?
  • Do biogas facitlities fit to the structure of alpine agriculture?
  • How are wind mills experienced by tourists in the context alpine landscape aesthetics?
  • Do ground mounted photovoltaics seal agricultural soils?
  • How far can heat pumps alternate water quality and groundwater invertebrates?

These and other interesting questions are adressed by an article which was submitted two weeks ago to the scientific journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Thanks to all contributions made by several recharge.greeen partners!

About Richard Hastik

As a geographer it is interesting to be confronted with different views regarding the balance between preservation and use of natural resources in the Alps. _Richard Hastik, assisting in questions regarding ecosystem services and situation analysis

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