Observers are ambassadors

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Two observers from the Alpine Town of the Year Association discussing their challenges at the mid-term conference.

The best solution, the best strategy for solving a problem is only effective, if those who have to solve the problem

  1. know the solution and
  2. contribute with their knowledge to the solution.

That is why has observers. The observers are decision-makers, such as the Alpine Town of the Year Association, environmental agencies, the Alpine Convention and many more (see  here ).

What do observers do in

  • Observers observe: first of all, observers follow the project progress and get to know the ideas behind They learn about possible solutions for their problems.
  • Observers contribute: events such as the World-Café at the Mid-Term Conference in Brig-Glis/CH (12.-13. November 2013) offer the possibility to discuss challenges of stakeholders (e.g. municipalities). The outcomes are included in the further project development.
  • Observers spread: Observers are’s bridges to communities outside the project. The decision-makers spread their knowledge about in their usual working environment. This permits access to a broader range of user groups.
    In short messages in form of testimonials, they report about their expectations towards the project and the challenges they have to deal with in the conflict of renewable energy and nature protection.

    Watch the testimonial of Thierry Billet, president of the Alpine Town of the Year Association and observer of

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