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Register now: “Energy and nature in the Alps: a balancing act” – final conference of the project

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The Alps have great potential for the use of renewable energy, but energy production and use also increases pressures on nature. The project looks at the trade-offs between the costs and benefits of renewable energy use. In particular, the project looks at impacts of energy production on ecosystem services. The goal is to achieve […]

Does the use of forest biomass for energy affect sustainability? Evidences from an experts´ survey

Overlapping circles model

A development project may be evaluated as sustainable if it is able to conciliate the three spheres of sustainability: environment, society and economy. Environmental sustainability can be defined as “a condition of balance, resilience, and interconnectedness that allows human society to satisfy its needs while neither exceeding the capacity of its supporting ecosystems to continue […]

Lessons from psychology – presenting facts is not enough to overcome human irrationality

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The notion of a “green economy” foresees a system that safeguards the environment for the purpose of ensuring jobs and universal affluence. It builds on changes in production and consumption patterns, and a rethinking of how we define human wellbeing. The EU has come up with a strategy on resource efficiency, which demands sustainability measures […]

Summer school final event in Information Centre TNP Bled (Slovenia)

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Participants of the Summer School on Pokljuka presented the data and conclusions on serveys of soil, flora, fauna, forest biomass and ecosystem services at the final event in the Information Centre TNP Bled on 17th of December 2014. Students presented interesting findings to the general public through presentations and posters. The zoology research group found […]

Hydropower in the Alps

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Example of results from the IIASA BeWhere model presenting the optimal location of potential hydro-power stations in both protected and non protected ares under a business as usual scenario

Hydropower is already pervasive in the Alps, providing about 100 terawatt hours per year (TWh/a) of power in the region. There are many potential places in the Alps for more hydropower plants. But how much would it cost to build them and the necessary infrastructure to transfer their energy to the grid?  And, moreover, how […]