Participatory Approach to Natural Resources Management

Nowadays, natural resources are seriously threatened by human activities and their abundance is decreasing rapidly. In order to guarantee the availability of natural capital for future generations, it is fundamental to recognize the importance of management. Often, production purposes lead to non-sustainable practices, causing environmental depletion. An effective natural resources governance should take into account the diverse needs of both ecosystems and society, so that people can benefit from resources consumption without runnin the risk of damaging them permanently. Within this context, a participatory approach to natural resources management is an optimal strategy, allowing the offset of contrasting objectives. StakeholdersĀ“ involvement in planning and decision-making is proved to reduce conflicts and enlarge social acceptance of the decisions. IMG_2923_bis aims at providing renewable energy development solutions, that can be feasible for the pilot areas and, at the same time, socially accepted. To achieve this objective, a stakeholder analysis has been carried out in the pilot areas. Several local experts on energy and environment issues have been surveyed through questionnaires, in order to identify the most important and influent groups of stakeholders in energy planning and environmental aspects. In each pilot area, different energy production scenarios will be produced, based on natural resources conservation or energy self-sufficiency hypothesis. Once scenarios are ready, identified stakeholders will be invited to entertain a public discussion, in which they can express their preferences on the cited scenarios, so that the most effective alternative can be chosen with the highest possible consensus.

About Gianluca Grilli

Gianluca Grilli has an Ms in environmental economics. He is a PhD student in environmental engineering at the University of Trento, Italy. He works as a researcher at the Institute of Renewable Energy at Eurac. His main research interests are ecosystem services evaluation and management, GIS modeling and applied econometrics.

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