Publication on Renewable Energy and Ecosystem Services

  • How do Forest Biomass, Agricultural Biomass, Hydropower, Wind Energy, Photovoltaic and Geothermal Energy impact Ecosystem Services?
  • Which importance do the specific energy sources actually have in the Alpine Area?
  • Which are the main impact dimensions of each energy source and on which factors do they depend upon?
  • Do scientific guidelines on environmental impacts address Ecosystem Services impacts related to expanding Renewable Energy?

These and other questions are addressed by a review article on renewable energy and ecosystem services in the Alpine area. Based on a cooperation between seven partners we plan to publish our results this autumn.



    About Richard Hastik

    As a geographer it is interesting to be confronted with different views regarding the balance between preservation and use of natural resources in the Alps. _Richard Hastik, assisting in questions regarding ecosystem services and situation analysis

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