Summer school final event in Information Centre TNP Bled (Slovenia)

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Participants of the Summer School on Pokljuka presented the data and conclusions on serveys of soil, flora, fauna, forest biomass and ecosystem services at the final event in the Information Centre TNP Bled on 17th of December 2014.

Students presented interesting findings to the general public through presentations and posters. The zoology research group found more than 50 specimens alpine newts (Mesotriton alpestris) and watched the three-toed woodpecker (Picoides trydactylus). The botany group inventarised 150 plant species in different habitat types, 20 of which are protected and 15 are on the red list of threatened species. The group for forest biomass was using the method for determining available capacities of woody biomass for energy purposes. The group for studying ecosystem services found extremely diverse importance of Pokljuka for its visitors and operators. Students and school mentors expressed a wish for similar summer school in the future, as they allow students to gain valuable experience on fieldwork and professional data interpretation.


Photo: Andrej Kuhelj

The Summer school was organised in Triglav National Park on Pokljuka in June 2014 in the framework of the project It was attended by 24 students and 10 mentors from four Slovenian secondary schools. The experts from Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Slovenian Forest Service, Biotechnical Faculty – Department of Forestry Society, Triglav National Park and DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia introduced students to research processes, methods of collecting different data from the field and to analyse and usage of data.

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