Transnational workshop on “Sample Hectare”, 30th of Sept 2014

On the 30.09.2014 the project responsible discussed with 11 representatives of the Vorarlberg State administration the instrument “Sample Hectare”. The public administration was widely represented, including the head of departments of agrarian district authority, forestry, water management, nature and environmental protection, environment and food security, energy and climate protection, as well as representatives of the departments of agriculture, hunting, fishing and land-use planning and construction law.

The participants agreed on the importance of the production of renewable energy in Vorarlberg, hence the increasing pressure on the nature and potential conflicts are possible. Further the discussion dealing with the potential conflicts shall be very transparent and to unilateral positions shall be rejected.

“Sample Hectare” is an instrument to collect different opinions, to generate and analyze the current atmosphere, and to discuss the different values of changing the usage of a certain field of landscape. The three main paths for discussions are: possible production of energy per hectare, impacts on eco system services, and integration into the socio-economic environment.

The instrument “Sample Hectare” provides a guide for discussions, but more clarifications are needed. The investigations concern in particular the legal and political integration and choice of the existing land usage and the development scenarios. Also the system boundaries should be discussed on the meta-level, as well as the role of Vorarlberg as part of a larger whole (“island of sustainability “).

Together, it was agreed that the discussion process should be continued also after the closure of the project to

Workshop Foto

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